Fashion / Clothes Product Photography

we can produce garment cut outs or ghost-mannequin images for clothing


Are you a fashion designer or distributor or retailer? Looking to have your garments photographed on a model, with maybe front and back pictures along with a detail shot?
Let us produce high quality and high resolution images showing off your product line in the best possible light. We have lots of experience producing superior quality photographic assets for the marketing departments of numerous fashion businesses.


We are used to high volume workflows, and can produce consistent, and professional fashion product photographs of your new season’s collection. 
We take the time to steam and press garments so they look at their best, and we can pin garments when required to get the best possible shape/ silouhette. We can also add product name and SKU codes to the metadata on each image to make the life of your web-designer that little bit easier.
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We Shoot Products

Providers  of professional product photography services from our studio in south Dublin city. With over 10 years experience, we can deliver impactful product photography for your  commercial needs. 
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