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Our Short Story

we took the road less travelled...
Principle photographer and owner, Peter Love, spent the best part of a decade working for Associated Newspapers, and it was here that he developed his skills.
Working on the Picture Desk, he had to both commission and acquire photographic assets to support editorial and news related content for a range of titles, including glossy magazines, special supplements, newsprint and also online channels.  

This allowed him to fully understand the detailed technical and aesthetic requirements of publishers, both in the print and the online space.
In addition to working on the Picture Desk, he also spent many years on the Colour Desk, which was the department responsible for editing and retouching all images that were to be published both in print and on screen. 

This provided him with a thorough technical grounding in all aspects of photographic and post production processes, and allowed him to develop the superior quality photo retouching capabilities which you can see demonstrated in our Gallery.
During this time he noticed the highly variable quality of images that would be sent in to the newspaper by PR companies, many of which had no chance of being published. 

He resolved to build a small team that could meet the needs of PR and marketing agencies to provide publishers with high quality product photographs. 

He now offers this same level of service to a wide variety of end users, from independent Irish retailers to wholesalers and distributors, from content marketing agencies to advertising agencies.

Our Work

Whatever type of product you have, and whatever type of media you need, chances are we can help you.
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Our Skills

A particular blend of 


The judgement to know when to push imagination over convention.


The ability to offer digital services like 360 product spins and videos. 


The capability to composite multiple photos for the best single image.


The facilities to handle products large and small, single items to high volumes.